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From the moment I laid eyes on you, I knew you were a cocksucker. You may think that you're not, but I will MAKE you into one.I'm going to take you in every hole. It excites me to see your eyes roll back into your head as I slide my cock into your throat and make you gag. Don't try to keep the drool from pouring from your lips.You'll learn to take my cock well. I'm training you to suck REAL men's cocks so you can take them deep and make them hard for me. Because you're not only my strap on fucked slave --- you're going to be my fllufer boy and prepare my lovers to pleasure me.And your reward for all of your cuckold cock sucking? The hot, bubbling, milky, shame oozing from my divine sex onto your face and my humiliating words encouraging you to gorge yourself with cum because you are not man enough to please me.


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